It’s not just a smile it’s also health

Happiness for Health : let’s have a look, how happiness gonna help us to be healthy
Happiness for Health : let’s have a look, how happiness gonna help us to be healthy

Analyzing the Happiness of Countries over the world and deriving what are the factors affecting most of the people. visual understanding with some amazing python libraries like pandas, matplotlib and seaborn .

Inspiration :

The six week online course, Data Analysis with Python : Zero to Pandas mentored by Aakash N S helps me to learn ah bunch of different things from pandas , numpy and other visualization libraries and that make me wrote my initial blog post which is the final course project.

Data Source:

The data is taken from the kaggle website ,from 2015 to 2020 for all the countries in the world containing features like happiness-score, GDP-score, life-expectancy, generosity, corruption, social-support, freedom, etc.

Info of the dataset :

Libraries going to be use in this analysis

Initially, lets look at the most happiest countries in the world and the least happy countries as well,

Here I’m gonna focus on the following few factors that are affecting the happiness of people .

1. Is Happiness affecting on Life Expectancy of people ? and is there any relationship between GDP value and Happiness ?

By the above figure , clearly the people with more happiness score are having high expectancy of life span that’s pretty good ya . And the other side of the graph shows us GDP plays a major role as its increasing growth also increasing the happiness of people . We already knew that the real fact is if GDP is good then the Economy’s healthy is too, which means the more employment chances and their wages also tend to increase.

2. Life expectancy with economic freedom , how it works ?

Economic freedom is actually the fundamental right of every human to control his or her own property and free to work, invest and consume etc. so we can say that the economy with freedom can expect the more happiness led to more life expectancy.

3. Do family or social supportive relationships boost longevity and well-being ?

By the above figure we can say yes, social support really helps in extending the life but unfortunately the support is being decreasing but by the fact we have to realize that we must support each other to save our own mankind.

4.How Generosity(kindness) in people is going on nowadays ? when compared to past days.

A constant decrease of Generosity from 2015 to 2019 is imaginable but in 2020 its a huge variance among all may be pandemic situation might be a reason but we have to understand about how generosity fall from day by day.

5. Trust, the Government Corruption has increased or decreased ? if Increased then how it affects on Generosity?

As the figure shows , the increasing corruption actually related to the decreasing generosity particularly in the year 2020.

By the Overall analysis:

  • People can Extend their life span by being happy. Since the top happiest countries are Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland , Iceland , Sweden , etc.
  • Increasing GDP value is one of the reason for people happiness.
  • The life expectancy is pretty good when there is a social support or family support.
  • The Generosity (Mankind) is decreasing day by day.
  • The Corruption is increasing mostly from the last 12 months and this corruption is affecting the generosity.

For Complete Notebook : Github link

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